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I didnt get to work at 7:45 today either! It was about 7:53 again. Tomorrow I will definitely be on time because I dont have to be at work until 12. So today was an OK day at work. One woman asked me how long I had worked there and I told her 5 years and she appearantly didnt believe me because she then said "Really?? I've never seen you before." I wanted to tell her I had never seen her before either, but I just smiled and changed the subject. Later in the afternoon another woman asked me who I was and how long I worked there and then when I was preparing to give his son some shots, this dad asked me if I put alcohol on the cotton balls. I was really offended by that. Like I would think you can clean someones skin with a dry cotton ball. Whatever. Today was stupid question day, I guess. After work, I picked Jo up and then headed to the dance studio for ballet class. Unfortuantely when I got there, there was no class. I was dissapointed because I really wanted to dance and I was also hoping to get my paycheck from Nutcracker. Maybe Sunday, I know we for sure have class and rehearsal then. I really need that money. Since there was no class tonight, we went home and ate leftovers for dinner. Then it was homework time, and I cleaned out the pantry in the kitchen. Before bedtime, Jo and i wrote lists of all the things we want to get this year. Mine was lke 30 items long and hers was 4 and included a "parfait from McDonelds" LOL!
Im doing good, no ciggarette today either! The after work smoke is the one that I miss the most.  I was in bed by 12:30 last night, not quite 12 but much better than 2 or 3 in the morning.

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