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Today was a good day! After taking Jo to school, I came back home and slept an extra 2 hrs. It felt soo good! Then I got up showered, got dressed and and ready for work. But before I left, I did my 4th day of 40 Days of Abs. I think Im starting to feel a difference already! Work was good, I had a flu clinic from 1:30 to 5. After work I picked up Jo and then got some cash out of the ATM and then we went to Wal-Fart to get some hay and bedding for her guinea pig, Lennie. Then we ate at Zaxbys and went to Goodwill. I found the most awesome pair of pants, but unfortuantely they were like 6 inches too short. So I ended up with nothing, but Jo found a brand new Beanie Baby. Our last stop was the grocery store where I picked up a bottle of wine and the movie "Coraline". We came home and turned up the heater and watched the movie. I had a moment of weakness today and came so close to buying a pack of ciggarettes and telling myself its Ok to just smoke on the wknds. But I know if i have 20 ciggarettes, Im going to smoke them all until they are gone no matter what day it is. So I resisted the urge and ignored the craving. Good job me! I did send Ben 1 text today telling him I haven't smoked in 4 days, but he didnt respond, of course. This makes it easier to continue to stop talking to him. Im trying really hard to make 2013 the best year since having my heart broken in 2011, so far it is!

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