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So today I learned that quitting smoking can cause diarrhea. I had no idea, but I guess diarrhea now is better than lung cancer in 20 years! Today was even harder to fight my nicotene cravings, but I did. Smoking was on my mind a lot, so I tried to keep busy. Jo and I watched Lady and the Tramp while enjoying breakfast in bed this am. It was her first time seeing it.  I love the scene with the Siamese cats! For breakfast we had boiled eggs, toast and OJ. Then I showered and cleaned my room and bathroom and did my ab exersices. Today was also the first day of dance of the New Year. There is a new improv class this year, which I am really excited about. But unfortuantely i thought it started at 3:30 but it was 3:00. I joined in when I got there but felt really bad about being late. It was a really good class though. At the end one lady came up to me and told me how glad she was that I came and that I had a beautiful spirit that came out in my dancing. I was like "wow" thats really aweaome for a total stranger  to say that. It made me feel really good. After the improv class we had a partnering class, which was also really good. Jo even got to take some of it. We finished at 6:30 and I really really really wanted to smoke after dancing, because i always smoked as soon as I got home from dance. But instead I  cooked dinner, BBQ chicken legs, mac and cheese, and snow peas and drunk A Lot of water. I think Im going to start my spanish lessons tonight as well as wash my hair and read a little. I didnt make it to bed until 2 am last night, so tonight Im going to try really hard to make it by 12.

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