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What a busy day at work! A cricumsicion, 6 finger sticks, 2 strep tests, 20+ shots, 2 flu tests, a heel stick, and a bunch of flu shots! I dont think I sat down from 1:20 til I got in my car at 5:40. It was good though, it made the day go by really fast and I really enjoy the work. I did make it to work on time this morning! I had a weird headache all day, it feels like my brain hurts. I think it might be more nicotene withdrawl, Ive never really had a headache quite like this before. I took about 1200 mg of ibuprofen today and it didnt help. The diarrhea is gone today though, so thats good! I wonder when these witdral sx's will go away. Tomorrow will be 1 week smoke free for me! Im really proud of myself. I havent not smoked for a week in probably like 10 years. I dont care how bad I feel, Im  not giving up this time. Jo pitched a fit about her homework tonight, she regressed to a 3 year old just because she had to write a big idea of a story she would like to write. She wanted me to just tell her the answer and sat there crying about having to think for herself and actually do some work. The homework she "did" at after school was half done and not much effort was put into it. She is so smart but soooo lazy. Sometimes i worry about her life when she grows up if she continues to be lazy and always acts like a baby. It took forever to do her homework. After that, it was time for The Bachelor! I know Im probably the only person who still watches this show, but I really like living vicariously through these people. I know Ill never have a boyfriend or go out on a date again, so I have to get my kicks through TV. Completed day 7 of the 40 Days of Abs, my tummy is feeling a little tighter!

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