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Great day off! The morning started with a Principal's Coffee meeting about school safety at 8 am. The principal talked about what happened in Newtown CT last month and assured us that our school was as safe as it could be and that the faculty and staff have drills and practices for every scenario that could happen. They practice these with the kids, without the kids knowing exactly whats going on. After the tragedy last month, a father of one of the students at Jo's school volunteered to provide and pay for the installation of a new entrance security system. Parents will have to buzz in and someone in the office will look at them on monitor and decide to either let them in or ask further questions. This seems like  a great idea and a very genorous offer from the dad. Some people wanted to take things even further and stop the kids from going outside for recess. That idea was quickly shot down. I sat with and talked to one of Jo's friends mom. Usually at things like that i just sit by myself and dont talk to anybody, so that was a nice change. As soon as the meeting was over I checked Jo out and took her to the dentist, She had no cavities and the dentist said her teeth were beautiful. All my yelling at her to brush her teeth every night is worth it! After taking her back to school  I treated myself to a little lunch at McDonalds as my reward for being smoke free for a week.  I came home, ate, messed around on the computer, took a long nap, cleaned up a little, made a video for my friend Brandon, and cooked dinner. Tonight we had grilled fish, shrimp, sweet poatoes and corn on the cob. Then it was time to get Jo again. We came home and took out the tras and recycling and then ate and did homework. Ben texted me today a little. He is being really nice, I bet he will ask for money soon.

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