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Major drama at work today. We came in this morning to find the private vaccine refrigerator had been open all night and the temp inside of it was way above acceptable range. At first we thought that we were going to have to waste every single vaccine in there and the office was going to lose 100's of thousands of dollars. Everyone was really scared about what was going to happen. The girls who worked last night, didnt shut the lab down properly or check the fridges before they left. Luckily after calling all the drug manufacturers, it turned out that the vaccines were still viable senince they had not been out of range for over 72 hrs. Thank goodnes! Not only would we have lost so much money, but all the kids with insurance in for check-ups today would not have been able to get their shots and there would have been no telling when we would have gotten more in. Crisis averted! Other than that, work was pretty quiet today, no more stealing took place. Tueday is another dance day for us. Jo took her hip hop class and I took a modern class. The class tonight was really good and I felt really good dancing. i think dance is the only place and time I feel anywhere close to happy. It doesn't matter that Im ugly or awkward or that Tony hates me or Ben is a user or that Ill be alone forever. Its the one thing in life I feel like Im good at. I know that there are a lot more dancers who are thousands of times better than I'll ever be, but for that little bit of time Im not a loser. But then I go home and think about the things I messed up in class or could have done better or who was better than me. That happiness only lasts a short amount of time, but at least I have it for a brief period. I put some ribs in my crockpot tonight for dinner tomorrow. I bet they are going to be sood, I cant wait to eat them. My lt ear is still not working. Flushing it out last night did absolutely nothing to help. If anything it made it worse. Ill give it a few more days before taking it to the doctor. I hope my eardrum doesnt rupture. Now time for abs and then off to bed!

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