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My problem for today is that on Sunday I told my dance director I could rehearse on Thursday morning, which is no problem for tomorrow, but after thinking about the conversation last night, I realized that she meant every Thursday not just tomorrow. I cant do that, so I called her this morning to ask if she still wants me to come even though I cant do it every week. No one answered so I left a message, but she never called back, so now I dont know what to do. I guess Ill just go in the morning and see if she wants me to stay or leave. I know she will probably be mad and I  may get fired. Things like this are why  I hate my life. Nothing much happened today at work. There was one parent who after waiting in the exam room for awhile came out in the hall and asked me what was going on. I told her tthe doc was running behind and then she looked at her watch and said in a really smart alec tone, "its an hour after our appy time, are yall really running that far behind?" I said yes and she was next and then she started to say something else smart when the doc came around the corner. As soon as she saw him, her attitude totally changed and she started fake laughing and being so nice. I hate when people do that and treat nurses like dirt and then kiss the docs ass when he comes in. After work, we came home and ate our delicious ribs, broccoli and chesse and crecent rolls. That was the best dinner all week! Then we did homework, I called my mom and then we watched TV. My rt ear is now starting to do the same as the left, so things are getting worse in the ear department.  Still no w-2's, reviews or Nutcracker money. If i am wanted at rehearsal tomorrow, maybe I ill get my check. I really really need that 200 bucks. Back on the no smoking train tomorrow! I am so tired tonight, i can barely keep my eyes open. Time for abs and bed! 

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Posted on 11:29PM on Jan 16th, 2013
John Lennon said other r no problems only solutions. U found your solution as soon as u stated your problem. People do get pissed off when they r kept waiting an hour for an appt and u know that as a receptionist so it is their problem not yours. People r also two faced and r not going to show the ugly one to someone of importance.
If u have a mom in your life u can actually talk to and a we to eat with and watch TV plus dancing I will trade my life with yours anytime. Ever think of writing down things u r grateful for?
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