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A big winter storm is supposed to be on the way, but its after 9 and there is nothing out there but rain and a few pieces of sleet. The school system has already called a 2 hr delay, and I am so looking forward to sleeping a little late tomorrow. Just in case we do get the 6 inches of snow that has been predicted, I got some kerosene, filled my car with gas and made some cookies to much on tonight. So I went to rehearsal this morning and asked my director if she got my message yesterday. She said she did and that it was not a problem because she knew I would remember my choreography and that she trusted me. That made me feel so much better!. We started a new duet with me and another dancer, its going to be good. Im really excited about this upcoming project. After rehearsal I came back home took a short nap and then got ready to go do my flu clinic. With the threat of bad weather a lot of people either cancelled or just didnt show up for their flu vaccine which made for a long afternoon. My last patient of the day was one of my regulars. That mom is the total opposite of the mom from yesterday and is always very nice to me and asks how I am. When I was going through my break up with Tony, they came in for a check-up and she asked if I was ok and menitoned how much weight I had lost and looked bad. Of all the people I see everyday she was the only one who bothered to ask. Today she asked how I was and said I looked good. There are a few nice people left. Enjoying my favorite night of TV, Greys Anatomy and Scandal before abs and bed. So glad tomorrow is Friday, its been a really long week. No Nutcracker money today, we have rehearsal on Sunday, so maybe then.

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