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Today started off on the wrong foot with a call from the sperm enforcer. He talked to Jo for about 4 minutes and then told her to put me on the phone. He then told me that I needed to give him my schedule because he calls everyday but nobody is ever here. I told him that I dont have a schedule of when I get home, its different everyday and that if he leaves a message when he calls I will have Jo call hime back. I know he was lying because he said he calls at 8 and most nights Im here at 8 and the phone has not rung  and when it has I star 69 and his number was never the one that called. He also said I should make Jo call him everyday, but I said sometimes she calls you and you can call her sometimes. Shes only 8 it shouldnt be all up to her. Then he told some more lies and that was it. I wish he would just go away. Supposedly he is going to meet us at the Health Adventure Sat, so he can give Jo her birthday presents ( her b-day was 4 months ago) and Christmas presents. He hasnt given her 1 thing in 8 years, so Im knd of doubting this, but we will see. He hasnt even seen her in like 4 years.
Jo and I finally got her room clean, it took us about an hour to do it together. Then we had a late breakfast. Next I had to go to the store and thats when things fell apart. I told Jo she could get a Lunchables to take to rehearsal today. She picked out 1 that had an Airhead in it. I told her that she couldnt eat that candy today, because a lot of her behavior and laziness lately did not deserve a treat, to which she said "so" with a really nasty attitude, rather loudly. I then told how she was acting was exactly why she wasnt getting candy and another  nasty "so". So when we got home i took her DS, her tablet, her camera, and hide the remote control. She knows she was wrong because she didnt put up a fight or try and get her things back. When she learns how to talk to me, help out around the house and loses the attitude she can have it back
I was so thankful to have dance today. And as a bonus, I finally got my Nutcracker check! Jo helped clean the theater for a festival there this week while I took an improv class and then she took part of the partnering class that was afterwards. Both classes were really awesome today. After class, we rehearsed our duet. For dinner I picked up a pizza, because I was way to tired to cook. Jo did good for about the first hour we were home, but then her old whiny lazy ways started coming back. Ugh, I love her but she is so much work and it just gets harder the older she gets. Now Abs and bed for me. What a day!

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