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Monday! Today President Obama was sworn in to his second term as President, and also Martin Luther King Day. Lots of history made and remembered today. We have come so far as a country but there is still so much more to accomplish. I will never understand the amount of hatred a lot of people seem to have for our president. Disagrements over politics is one thing, but the name calling, and insults and just nastiness that has been put out there about this man is really dissapointing to me. I dont ever remember any president in my lifetime being liked this much and disrespected so pubicly. Anyyway, I would have loved to been off today and watched the ceremonies and parade, but I was at work. It was a pretty busy day. I had another cath, which I got on my first try! I spent the whole day struggling to hear people with my 2 stopped up ears. Tonight both of my ears finally cleared up and I was able to hear again! I have been flushing my ears with ear wax remover for the last 4 days and it finally worked. I am so happy to hear again. Ben called me this afternoon and asked for money because supposedly he lost his wallet with everything in it and had no money to get the things he needed for work. My bank acct is pretty much in the neg right now, but I told him I wold try and overdraft it to get him 70 bucks. I tried but it didnt work. So then I took my computer to the pawn shop (which I said I would never do again) to get money for him, but they were closed, so I was unable to help him. I texted him and told him what happened, He told me thanks, but Im pretty sure he was mad and will stop talking to me, but what can I do? I cant give him money I dont have. Im sure he has lots of other girls he can ask. There have been times I really needed money and asked him and he didnt even bother to respond. At least I gave him an answer.
Jo got up this morning and said her muscles hurt. I told her thats because she worked so hard in dance class yesterday and it was good for her. That was pretty cute! I didnt make her call the sperm enforcer tonight and he didnt call either. I guess Ill make her tomorrow. Just thinking about that makes me want to vomit.

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