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All set to do my taxes! I got the letter from the Y today! I hope to have my refund by this time next month! I am so looking forward to not being broke every week. I had my last flu clinic of the 2012-2013 flu season today. Im also looking forward to not having to give any more flu shots or mists until next fall. My next project is going to be updating the smoking status of patients 13 and up. Today was report card day for Jo. Her "grades" were good. Two 3's and a 4, but several of the E's she had last quarter went down to S's (satisfactory) In the comment section, her teacher wrote, "She continues to excel in all areas. She shows great enthusiasm in all her work and puts a good effort. She does need to work on staying more focused on her work and not talking at inappropriate times." She has had a problem with talking since kindergarten. I dont know what to do about it. She says she tries to keep her mouth shut, but sometimes shhe cant help it. I dont think shes being bad, she just really likes to be social and share everything with everybody. Shes never gotten on red or been sent to the principals office, so I guess irs not really bad, but I want to stop this before it gets to that point. Or before they want to dope her up with ADD medicene. I just dont know what to do.
It was dance night for us and we both had good classses, I got this one combination right tonight, that I couldnt quite get last week. It felt good to accomplish that. It was after 9 when we got home. By the time we ate and went over homework it was 10 and too late to call sperm enforcer. I know she will pitch a fit, but Ill make her do it tomorrow.
I havent heard from Ben since yesterday , he must still hate me. I dont feel like doing my abs today, the 22nd day, but I will force myself and then go to bed.

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