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I gI made blueberry muffins for the first time in almost 2 years today. The last time I made them was for Tony and TJ in Feb 2011 when they came to visit for Valentines day. I havent even touched my muffin pan since then. It made me kind of sad remembering that morning with them, especially since he hasnt even talked to me in over a year. So I was proud of myself for baking them today. After that I started my cleaning, Jo actually helped clean her bathroom and cleaned her room by herself. Maybe there is hope after all. I was all set for a full afternoon of dance, but when I go to the studio, there was only one other person there for class. There was some discussion of cancelling class, but it wasn't. It was an improv class and it worked well because the instructor had a lot of partnering work planned. I got so embarassed during class because we were doing one improv where we had to tell an exciting story in a made up language. i guess I got a little too excited because someone came over from the theatre next door and told me my voice was carrying over into the theatre and i needed to be more quiet. I felt so stupid, I just wanted  to fall through the floor and die. I couldnt wait to get out of there after class was over. Luckily rehearsal was cancelled. Appearantley this was announced last week, but I missed it. After dance, we went to cvs to get a green dot reload card for Ben who supposedly lost his wallet and all his money. But I accidentally got the wrong kind of card and when I told him he got so mad at me. He yelled at me and cussed at me and hung up on me twice. He acted like I did it on purpose, which I did not. I dont know if we are going to be friends anymore. It was like Tony all over again, getting so angry over something i didnt mean to do. He really hurt my feelings. This was a good reminder that I should not really expect anything from anybody and I should just go to work and dance and stay home as much as possible. Tonight my head hurts and I still have laundry to put up, but Im just not in the mood.

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