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Monday! I stayed up way too late last night and had a really hard time getting up this morning. I had planned on getting up early, doing  my abs and packing a lunch. I had no time to do any of that. We barely got out of the house before 7:30. I just had a lot on my mind last night, wiith my fight with Ben and money problems and just feeling crappy. It was a really busy day at work, I didnt get to eat my breakfast until 11:30 and lunch until about 3:30. I only had about 20 min for lunch and I used that to go to Wal-Fart and get the right kind of card for Ben. My plan to use the card from yesterday to pay for the one today did not work. I had to use my debit card, which I didnt want to do, and to make it even worse, I embarassed myself again because I coulldnt find my debit card in my wallet and held up the line for about 5 minuets. There were about 3 people behind me and I just wanted to fall through the floor and die (again).  Ben did  apologize for yelling and cussing at me last night, so I guess we r cool for now. I dont really like him the way I used to. I feel like he only pretends to like me so that I will give him money. Whatever, i dont really care that much anymore. After work and picking up Jo, I went to the atm and put some cash back in my account, hopefully that will help me out some with the negative. For dinner I warmed up some tacos from yesterday and then it was homework time. Jo is having a readathon at school this week and is eally excited about that. She read an extra 35 minutes without me making her. She also gets to dress up on Friday as a character from a book. She chose "A Fairy Princess Barbie Surprise" This was one of my old Little Golden Books from when I was little. I was kind of surprised she picked it. I think it was mainly because she wanted to dress up like a fairy princess, so this week we will be putting together a costume. It should be pretty simple, a dress, wings, a wand and a crown. Good Will and dollar tree here we come! Hopefully we can get this done without too many arguments. I was excited to come home and find the new dancewear I ordered Friday was already delivered today. I cant wait to wear it. I thnk Ill wear my new legwarmers tomorrw and save the warm ups for next week.  Quiet night at home tonight, no Ben, no sperm enforcer, nothing. Just me Jo and Lennie, just the way I like it. Although if Tony were to call or just drop by, that would be good too. I was bad last night and didnt do my abs, so I will do it tiwce probably on Wed because I only have to work 1/2 a day. Getting back on track tonight and hitting the sack early! Busy Tuesday ahead.

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