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Another busy day at work today. Nothing too interesting though. At least I got to eat my lunch before 3:30, although I had to eat in in about 10 minutes. I left work a little early to get Jo to dance class and then I had my class afterwards. It was a good class tonight, my knee started hurting about half way through and I was worried that I was going to have to sit down, but it felt better after I pushed myself to keep going. My knee is so much better than it was last year, but Im afraid it will never be 100% again. It was about 9 when we got home, so I made a quick breakfast for dinner, eggs, turkey bacon, blueberries, and toast. I love having breakfast for dinner. Then it was homework time and homework time drama. Jo came home today with another fundraiser. This time they are selling magazine subscriptions. I told her I would buy one if she improves her behavior by the time the orders have to be turned in. We'll see how that goes. I got a phone call tonight from this guy I used to talk to in college. We have facebooked each other some the last couple of years, but havent actually talked in about 13 years. I was shocked. I kept asking him what he wanted. He said he just wanted to hear my country voice. I dont believe that. He must want something, I just dont know what (yet).  I didnt hear from Ben today. I probably wont until he needs something else. Tomorrow should be a good day. I only have to work a half day and there is a baby shower at lunch. Im supposed to bring chips and I guess Ill get her a pack of diapers for a gift. Its her 3rd baby so she doesnt need a lot, but Im sure extra diapers will be appreciated. And I have been invited to be in a new dance piece with Jo and the first rehearsal is tomorrow night.

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