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1/2 day! After I took Jo to school I came back home and slept until 10:30. It wasnt the best sleep becuase I kept having disturbing dreams and would try and wake myself up and force my eyes open and then I would have to think really hard to figure out if what just happened was a dream or if it was real.  It was very strange. I had planned on leaving the house by 11 but it was more like 12. I had to stop at Wal-Fart before going to work to pick up a couple of bags of chips and a present for the baby shower. I just got a pack of diapers and some recieving blankets. It wasnt much but, it was the best I could do. I got there just in time for the present opening. There were lots of cute things. The food was ok unitl I found out that someone had put deer meat in the cheese dip. I am not a vegetarian, but I choose not to eat deer. I felt so sick after finding out what I ate. I dont think it was nice of the person who made it to trick people like that.  I had my last flu clinic off the winter today. I thought the one I had last week was it, but there were a few more people who still wanted to be vaccinated. We had the first rehearsal for the new piece Jo and I are both in tonight. Its only a 2 and 1/2 min dance with us and 4 other dancers. We learned the whole thing tonight, so now we get to play around with it and make it perfect over the next month. I was bad and got Mcdonalds for dinner. It was late and I really didnt want to cook.  I think Ill make tonight our eat out night for the week instead of Friday. I wish I could have a party at work for me where people give me presents. I have been giving baby and wedding and housewarming presesnts to co-workers for 5 years. I guess since Im never getting married or having another kid or buying another house, I will never have a party. Maybe if I quit and get a new job I could get a going away party.

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