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I found out today I am getting a bonus at work! And its not the usual 200 but 1,000! We had evaluations today and after they told me that I was doing a good job and they were happy Im there, I found out that I was getting a bonus of $1,000! I was so shocked, I did not believe them and kept asking if it was a joke and were they serious. It was not a joke and they were so serious. I was so happy! I dont care how much Ben asks and I know he will, he is not getting any of this money. I wont have it until next Friday, but its so good to know that I only have 1 more week of being broke. After work, I took Jo to family reading night at her school. It was fun. She hung out with one of her friends, which means I was forced to hang out with his mom. They made bookmarks and drank hot chocolate in the cafeteria and then we traveled to the library and different classrooms to hear teachers read stories. It was fun and we didnt even get mad at each other once. When that was over, we stopped by the store to get Lennie some food and bedding. Then I cam home and made a big pot of chili from scracth, topped with tomatoes, sour cream and cheese. It was soooo good. I was going to make cornbread too, but it would have taken too long and it was already 9 when the chili was ready. After we ate, we did homework and then put together her fairy costume for book character day tomorrow. I think its pretty good. I made a crown out of aluminum foil and she is wearing awhite and gold dress, white tights and white furry boots and she has a magic wand. I hope she remembers what she practiced saying about her book and the character she is supposed to be. Today was actually a good day for the most part, but I have a feeling that tomrrow is going to be equally bad or worse to balance things out.. We might get some snow tonight, so maybe another 2 hour delay in the morning.

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