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I cant believe its February already! It seems like Jo and I were just drinking sparkling cranberry juice to ring in the new year last week. I guess Jan was OK, it had its ups and downs. Im not doing well with smoking. I definitely smoke a lot less than before, but I really wanted to be totally smoke free by now. I haven really lost much weight. I still think about Tony everyday and I gave Ben money last week. All things I resolved not to do for New Years.  I am trying to take better care of myself and put more effort into my appearance and I havent gotten my hopes up about a relationship or really talked to any guys. And I have pretty much kept my focus on work, dance, school and Jo. So Im keeping up with those resolutions. I am also drinking more water and taking my vitamin everyday (most of the time). I guess the most exciting thing in Jan was finding out about my 1,000 dollar raise. The worst part of January was the horrible fight Ben and I had last week about that money. 

On to February! Today, we woke up to more snow on the ground and a school closing. Luckily snow care was open so i only missed about 2 hrs of work instead of 8 like last Friday. The morning was pretty quiet, but the afternoon was busy and we ended up almost 2 hrs behind. I was so ready to go at 5:30. Since Jo and I ate McDonalds Wed and it was painfully cold we did not go out to eat tonight. i had lots of chili leftover and made some hot biscuits so we ate that instead. After cleaning the kitchen and Lennies cage and starting the laundry, we watched "The Muppet Movie" on Netflix. I hadnt seen it in years and Jo has never seen it so it was nice to cuddle on the couch under our blankets and watch together.  I also decided that next Friday I am buying a new vaccum cleaner. My old one only has 2 wheels left and has lost a lot of its suction. Im really excited about it. (I know its sad) Ive done my abs and the last load of clothes is just about done. I think Im going to get under the covers and watch more of "My Strange Addiction," Its nice to know Im not the only strange person in the world. I was texting Ben tonight and he told me the IRS seized his check today and he had to go downtown. He hasnt paid taxes in years and it finally caught up with him. I told him a long time ago he better pay them, but apperantly he didnt listen to me. I feel bad for him, but Im not giving him my tax refund to help pay his taxes. Really looking forward to sleeping late in the am and not waking up to an alarm clock. 

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