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Happy Groundhog Day!  We started the celebration by sleeping late this morning. (Thanks Jo!) After finally getting out of bed, I made blueberry muffins for breakfast. They were really yummy, and a good way to start what I was hoping would be a good day. After breakfast, we cleaned up a little and then we started getting ready for the groundhog celebration at the Nature Center. This was my first trip to the Nature Center in almost 2 years. The last time we went was with Tony and TJ. I remember when we got there that day the weather was nice and sunny. After about 15 min the sky got black and a huge thunderstorm came in out of nowhere and ended our trip abruptly. Maybe this should have been a sign of things to come, our relationship ended pretty much the same way. Anyway, after he left me I swore I would never go back again. But today I did, and while it was sad and brought back a lot of  memories, Jo and I managed to have a good time without arguing  or her getting in trouble. The local groundhog, Nibbles, did not see her shadow and predicted an early spring. Yay! I hope that's true . After the groundhog festivities, we walked and looked at all the other animals. I gave Jo back her camera for the day and she took some really awesome pics. The coolest thing we saw was a yawning rattlesnake. I was so amazed by how wide its mouth opened, and the size of its fangs. That was probably a once in a lifetime chance to see so up close. I wish we had gotten a pic or video of that. It started getting really cold when the sun went down, so we decided to go home. We were both pretty hungry by then so I made some chicken fajitas for dinner. Jo actually helped me and cut up the tomatoes. After dinner, we made some red velvet cupcakes in her easy bake oven. They were good but sooooo tiny, I didn't feel like I had eaten anything. Then we had game night and played Sorry and Trouble. She won all 3 games. To wrap up the day, we watched The Wiz. That was her first time ever seeing it and my first time seeing the whole thing start to finish. She fell asleep as soon as it was over. I stayed up a few hours longer watching My Strange Addiction. It was a good day (for a change)

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