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Not much to report today. I did make an appt to take my car into get looked at tomorrow. The grinding noise was not as bad today but its pretty clear that something is wrong with it.  I'm just hoping it doesn't cost more than 1,000 bucks. Work was good, I got another lunch break ! I decided not to go to ballet class tonight because it was raining and I was really scared about my brakes and the wet roads.  Jo got in trouble today at school for getting up to blow her nose too many times and at after school for not wanting to be "it" during the game they were playing. I dint know what I'm going to do with her. I really worry about her future sometimes. At least she didn't get in trouble for talking too much today. I made grilled chicken sandwiches, corn and mashed potatoes for dinner. I let Jo pick out some books to buy from the book sale at school and filled out the paperwork for her to start swimming lessons next week.  The she called my mom and sold her a magazine for the fundraiser. She is a pretty good salesperson. I guess I will buy one too.  Jo let me read what she wrote in her diary tonight. She said she was staring at some little boy today and felt lovestruck. And that 7 other little girls loved him too and there's a competition. She just seems way to young for that stuff. I want to tell her that she should just forget about boys because they are just heartbreak waiting to happen and they will just want to use her and when they get whatever they want, they will throw her away and not care. And that she should never bother with having a boyfriend because they will never really love her. But she is only 8 and doesn't need to know that yet. Or maybe her life will be different than mine. Just because I am miserable and nobody loves me doesn't  mean I should put that on her too. So instead, I just asked her some questions and giggled with her. As much as I hate to think of her being hurt, I know that these are things she will have to learn for herself in time. I'm sure this love with that little boy will be over by next week.  I am dreading taking my car to the shop tomorrow, I'm sure they will try and rip me off. I wish I knew more about cars.

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