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Well I went to the car shop this morning thinking I would only have to get some brakes and a brake booster. Boy was I wrong! After about an hour of diagnostic work, i found out  I needed brakes, rotors, pads, a rear cylinder, a tire rod, brake booster, and 2 tires. The total for all of that was 1,700 dollars. I decided to do everything but the tires today which made the total $1300. I did not want to spend that much money, but they made it seem like my car was a ticking time bomb. Fixing all of this was much cheaper than buying a new car, which I really do not want to just yet.  I thought it would only take 2 or 3 hrs at the most but it took 5! There went my plans of going to work today. I stayed at the shop from 9:45 until about 12, but then I got hungry and walked down the street to McDonald's for lunch. I ate inside and then stayed there for about an hr watching Toddlers and Tiaras on my phone. The waiting room at the car place was freezing and I wasn't in any hurry to go back. After lunch, I walked a little further down the street to look around in Big Lots and Office Depot. I saw some things I wanted to get but didn't since I knew i was about to spend over a 1,000 bucks. I went back to the shop around 2:30 and read and played on my phone. It was a little after 4 when my car was finally done. They did take 40 bucks off the total because I waited there all day and they guy checking me out gave me 2 flowers. My car now drives and stops like its brand new. I think it may last me another year. I got home around 4:30 and took a nap until it was time to get Jo. I don't think she really noticed any difference in the car. It was our out to eat night, so we went to TGIFridays for dinner. I decided to try something new and got the Korean tacos. They were delicious! If we go back there I will definitely get them again. Jo got her usual chicken sandwich but at least it was grilled and not fried. Then we split an Oreo ice cream cookie for dessert. I never get dessert at restaurants but we were both starving. I was going to go to Target after that, but the road is closed due to flooding so we couldn't get there. I went by my old apartment just to see what it looks like now. They have changed it a lot, but I'm still glad we don't live there anymore. We came home and watched Daddy Daycare for our Friday night movie. Now its time for bed, we have to get up early and go to rehearsal in the morning. I  think we are going to finish our duet tomorrow!

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