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No school today because of a teacher work day. It was also my day off, so I was looking forward to sleeping late and enjoying a nice breakfast with Jo before we left for the day. She had other plans. She got up really early and immediately started saying she was ready to go to schools out. I told her it wasn't time to get up and i was going back to sleep. She chose to get up and take a shower and get dressed. Her idea of getting dressed was a bathing suit and cover up and sock and sneakers. I told her she was not wearing that and she started whining and crying about it. She then went and changed in to an outfit that was too small and didn't match.  I made her change again and she found another outfit that didn't fit. I told her if that's what she wanted to look like, go ahead and wear it. Then she said she was ready for me to drop her off. I told her it was still to early and so she started the crying whining mess again. I took my time getting up and ready and she went and got her scooter and said she would take herself. I told her she hadn't had breakfast yet and she said she wasn't hungry and more crying. She didn't have a lunch or towel or underwear to put on after swimming. Her hair wasn't brushed or anything. All she did was cry about wanting to go. I think she got up too early. Anyway I finally dropped her off and then I came back home for a little while before going to work.  I only went in to do paperwork and left around 4:30. We had rehearsal for the piece we are in together tonight and it was really good. I think this may turn out to be a good piece after all. I worked with her on some of the things she was having problems with and it really showed she did good. She was in a much better mood than this morning. After rehearsal we went to Wal-fart and picked some things up for Valentines Day and then to Burger King. I was in a hurry to get home because Carolina and Duke were playing. It was a good first half but I don't know what happened to my heels in the 2nd half, they completely fell apart. I turned the game off before it was over because I was so disappointed. There was a lot of stuff I needed o do before bed for tomorrow, but I did none because I was so tired. I told myself I would get up at 6 and get everything done. 

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