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Friday! It was a pretty uneventful day. Work was OK, the day went by pretty fast. Jo went to her first kids night out at the Y. She was so excited to stay out until 10 playing with her friends, eating pizza and watching a movie. I was excited to have 4 hrs on a Friday night to myself. I wasn't sure what to do. At first I thought maybe I would hang out with a couple of friends, but I never got around to calling them. Then I was going to go see a show one of my friends is in this wknd, but the 7:30 show was sold out. The I thought about going to a movie, but I couldn't' find where the one I wanted to see was playing. So I ended up spending the evening at home alone. I didn't' do anything but watch some TV and snack and sleep. I really enjoyed that. It was time to pick up Jo before I knew it. When I got there, she was leaning against the wall looking like she was about to pass out. She had to be tired after being at school all day, after school and then that. She said her stomach hurt and she didn't feel good and was going to go to bed as soon as we got home. But she had a miraculous recovery and stayed up for about another hour. She said she felt better when she got home with me and that she missed me. That was sweet, sometimes I wonder if she really cares about me or if I'm just a cook, maid and chauffeur to her. We bumps heads a lot, but it seems that she does love me, at least for now. I have a feeling things will change when she becomes a teenager.  After she finally went to sleep, I treated myself to about 4 beers before going to bed. I got a little drunk, which was fun, but it would have been better if I had someone here to be silly with.  I tried texting Ben, but he didn't answer me. Maybe this time next year things will be different. 

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